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Helpful Tips For Making Sure That You Are Saving Money On The Funeral

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If you are in charge of planning a funeral, you might find that you are starting to become a little anxious about the cost of everything. Whether there was a life insurance left behind or not, you might want to consider all of the different ways you can save a little bit of money. After all, there are generally many things to pay for besides just the funeral. To help make sure that you are saving all of the money that you can, you will want to take a few minutes to review the following tips. Consider A Cremation Service Unless the dearly departed had explicit instructions for a traditional burial, you might want to consider the option of cremation, as it is much more affordable. While there is still a cost associated with the process, you are not forced to purchase a burial plot, headstone, or even a casket. Sure, you can still have a viewing for friends and family, but you do not need your own casket for that. Many funeral homes have a few caskets available for rent for such situations. The only expense that a cremation service has that a burial service does not, is that you may eventually want to purchase a nice urn for the ashes. However, you do not have to do this right away, as the funeral home will place the ashes in a box in order to give them to you and they can stay there until you transfer them to a more permanent urn. Comparison Shop For Caskets While the funeral home will have some caskets for you to pick from, they are not the only provider of caskets. All you have to do is explain that you are going to comparison shop for caskets in order to save the most money. That statement alone might prompt the funeral home to try to offer you a better deal. Of course, you might still find a better deal elsewhere so you are going to want to take the time to look around. Start by contacting the manufacturers of the caskets, as many of them are now selling directly to the public. There is also the option of buying a casket from a big box chain’s online store. Either way, the casket will most likely need to be shipped to your home or directly to the funeral home. However, you should make sure that the funeral home has given you permission to have it shipped directly to them, since they would be the ones that would have to deal with it upon delivery. Seek Donations From Loved Ones This is especially easy to do when there was no life insurance left behind, as many people can understand the position that puts the family in. You can ask friends and family to donate cash directly to the funeral home in order to help cover the cost of the service and burial. If you explain to the funeral director that this is your intention, he or she can explain this to anyone who calls for an address for the delivery of flowers. Now, with just those three simple tips in mind, you should have no trouble saving a little bit of money on the overall cost of the funeral. For more information, talk...

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Four Important Questions To Ask Before Seeking Marriage Counselling

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If you pay attention to classic romance in the movies or in literature, there is an understood impression of what a marriage is all about. They say that marriage is a beautiful thing. It is all sunshine and romance, filled with memories made and the ease of being in love. The occasional dispute is settled and discrepancies worked out so the both of you can move forward. In the real life, however, love and marriage can be a war-zone filled with tumultuous emotions and a lot of heartache. A good marriage takes work and commitment, but for whatever reason, it can sometimes feel like one or both people just are not willing to put forth the effort. If you and your spouse have come to a crossroads in your marriage, counselling may or may not be the best route to take. Here are four important questions to ask in order to find out. What Does This Marriage Mean to You? This question is fairly simple. Is this relationship that you have something that holds great meaning to both of you? It is not uncommon for two people to come to the realization that what is inherently important to them in the beginning has changed and there is little value in the marriage. If either of you have found that the life that you have built together is no longer one to be proud of, it can be very difficult to reverse this feeling through counselling. Are You Willing to Work With One Another to Find Peace? There is no way that two people can restore the glory of their former marriage if both are not willing to commit to the work that it takes. In some cases, this comes down to the value of the marriage being lost to an extent that one person feels is beyond repair. It is hard to work on something that you feel cannot be fixed. It is like doing a tune-up on a car with a locked up motor. The only way counselling will be effective is if both people are willing to put forth time and effort to work beyond issues. Is It Beneficial to Stay in This Marriage? In most cases, two people choose to legally bind themselves to one another because it is beneficial to do so. Each person is getting something valuable from the relationship. When things turn sour, the benefits of being in a relationship can be lost. The two of you have to decide if continuing the relationship will eventually be beneficial or if it is best to call it quits. It is not always a good decision to stay in a relationship that does not provide you with some positive aspects. This can be a difficult question to ask because it can be very hard to admit buried feelings about what the future could hold. Marriage counselling can be one of the most effective tools to improving the life that you have built with your partner. However, there are sometimes people who should no longer be together. Knowing the difference in what can be saved and what is beyond repair is vital to any therapeutic process. If you decide that counselling is the right course for you to take, contact a group like Kamloops Centre for Therapy...

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5 Signs You Need Couples Therapy

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Counselling and emotional therapy can be a great way to relieve stress, and cope with day to day situations. They can be useful with a single patient, and can also help couples through their struggles as well. Knowing what to look for when it comes to needing counselling is vital, not only for yourself, but for the relationship as well. Here are some signs that your relationship could use a little bit of therapy: 1. You and your partner are not talking. Communication is the most important thing in any relationship; it is the glue that bonds two people together. When that bond or “glue” is broken, you begin to lose a clear understanding of what and how the other partner is feeling. It is important to communicate feelings for a successful relationship.  2. If you do talk, it is all negative. For a healthy and successful relationship, there needs to be communication, but when the only communication is negative, it can actually hurt the relationship more than if there was no form of communication at all. If the only things you can talk about are how much you hate one another, or negative feelings, it is time to set up an appointment with a couples therapist.  3. You are afraid to talk with your partner. Communication with a partner you love should not be a scary thing to do. If the reasoning for being scared to talk to your partner is because he or she gets violent, or emotionally abusive, it may be the best idea to leave the relationship all together. If both partners are willing to work on the situation at hand, a counselor can be a good step forward.  4. You keep secrets. This goes for your partner as well. Keeping secrets hurts people in the long run, and is not a good habit to keep in a successful, loving, happy relationship. As the saying goes, “secrets do not make friends”. Secrets do not keep friends either.  5. One of you is having an affair. Affairs can hurt a person to their core. Betrayal, although horrible, is a very common issue in relationships. Whether it be finding messages of your partner to another guy/girl, or catching them red-handed cheating on you, counselling is the best option to get all of these feelings across to one another without conflict. As you can see, there are several indicators that a couple should seek counseling. For more information on counseling, and finding a couples counselor, visit a local counselling center like Ottawa Couple & Family...

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Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself: The Psychological Warfare Of Ebola

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The global urgency of Ebola has millions frightened, but no matter what goes on around the world, you have the responsibility of maintaining normalcy within your own family. As complicated and confusing as the situation is, you need to keep your cool. Here’s how to manage that, and orchestrate calm in your household. Talking To Your Children You don’t want your kids going to any other source than you for information. Sit them down and address the Ebola issue. Answer their questions and encourage them to admit fear openly. Psychologists recommend that’s the only way to really negotiate the underlying emotions. Your children will also take your lead, thus it’s very important that you are in control. If you notice significant changes in your child, such as trouble sleeping or sudden behavioral outbursts, they may be experiencing coping issues. Consider visiting a therapist’s office together, to help with adjustments in the big and sometimes scary world. Avoid streaming live coverage of the international crisis 24/7 in your living room, as that will only feed the fears and imaginations of your kids. No matter how great your need for information is, try to keep the house in its normal balance. Everyone is susceptible to anxiety, no matter how old or young they are, so play an extra round of Go Fish or break out the crayons and enjoy the pleasures of life from a youngster’s perspective. Alleviating Your Own Fears While you need to be calm and reassuring to your children, you no doubt have some apprehensions about Ebola yourself. It’s important to become educated, as well as to have another adult to confide in and discuss the situation as it evolves. One minute everything seems to be under control in a certain area of the world, the next it’s complete chaos. This situation is nerve racking, particularly for parents. If you don’t have a spouse at home with you, find a friend or family member with whom you can engage in helpful conversation. No matter how strong you must stand, it’s always better to be able to lean on someone else during challenging times. Also, be sure and understand the facts about Ebola, such as how it’s transmitted, mutation characteristics and where reported incidents are being tracked. Information is power and it will help to alleviate your fears and decide what, if anything, your family should do. Preparing Your Household For Any Emergency Every home should be equipped with rations, for the sake of being prepared. Hurricane Sandy was to blame for 3,085,515 hours of interrupted utility service in Canada back in 2012, and if your family was caught off guard, meals may have featured very slim pickings. In the very unlikely event that Ebola was suspected in your town or city, make sure your home is sufficiently stocked so that you could avoid going out for however long it took for the all clear signal to be given, which may be up to 21 days. Be prepared by storing four litres of water per person, per each day of the emergency. Estimate your family’s hypothetical needs with a calculator, and shop accordingly. Overestimating is certainly better than underestimating, and once your pantry or basement is stocked, you’ll feel more at ease about lots of other things, like blizzards...

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